Why do basements leak?

Basements will leak for a number of reasons, regardless of age. The expansion and contractions in the earth during our cold Canadian winters can lead to the walls eroding and/or cracking over time.

With the rapid rate of expansion, newer construction homes are often built quickly, allowing for a range of possible missteps in the foundation process. Many older homes utilize a cinder block foundation. Overtime the mortar between the brick will erode away due to the damp clay earth against it. This can lead to leaking as well as more severe complications.

Why fix your foundation?

Our homes and businesses are important investments and by safeguarding of the foundation of these buildings we are protecting our investments. Whether fixing a problem once it arises or being proactive, let Oasis protect your building and be worry free form cracks and leaks for a lifetime.

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Detailed Solutions for Any Problem:



Foundation Waterproofing

Our team will first start by locating all utilities and services before beginning work. We will then excavate down to the footing and inspect the weeping tile drainage system below. The foundation will then be cleaned and purged if necessary. A rubberized coating will be applied in 3 even coats followed by a dimple membrane that is anchored directly to the foundation walls. Next, crush stone is added to help with drainage around the weeper, a minimum of 12 inches.

The existing earth is now backfilled, soils are compacted, and landscaping can occur if required.



Epoxy Foundation Crack Repair

Epoxy repairs are the most cost effective solution when fixing a cracked foundation. The suspected crack is first located and exposed from floor to ceiling. It is then cleared out, and a wire brush is used to clean it thoroughly. Plugs and drains are installed and a rubberized coating added from the bottom to the top of the crack. An epoxy is then injected into the interior of the crack. The drains are plugged and after the epoxy has cured the crack is tested and the leak is fixed.



Interior Weeping tile system

Interior weeping tile systems are ideal for those properties that are not easily accessible due to exterior grade or previously installed landscaping. These systems are also beneficial for those who reside above a natural water table where the ground water naturally rises from below the foundation. Our team starts by breaking the existing concrete around the perimeter, exposing the footing below. A trench is dug around the perimeter to allow a 3” weeping tile pipe. This will be hooked up to the catch basin and brought outside via a sump pump. The perimeter walls are then covered in a dimple membrane that directs the penetrating water past the footing into the new weeper system. Crush stone is added, and new concrete is poured and leveled.

Waterproofing Gallery

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